What are whiteheads?

Non inflamed skin pores obstructed by plugs made from sebum or oil and dry skin cells are commonly known as whiteheads or closed comedones. These small white spots triggered by improper work of grease glands can not only spoil the look of your skin but also provoke various problems.

Being covered with top skin layer and dry cells fragments from oxygen closed comedones possess light yellow or white color and often referred to as milia. Whiteheads or milia make the skin coarse and greasy looking, in some cases when clogging is combined with bacteria it can lead to acne and cysts.

Whiteheads may occur on the epithelium body-wide but mostly they are observed on facial area, i.e. cheekbones, nose, temples, forehead. Closed comedones have many causes. Among them are incompetent sebum secretion or skin exfoliation, excessive sunbathing and bad choice of health-and-beauty aids.

It is better to prevent yourself from getting whiteheads by attentive skin care. Though, in case you already have closed comedones, prompt steps should be made to avoid complications.


Efficient tips for whiteheads prevention and treatment:

– Wash your face at least two times a day using mild soap or gentle facial cleanser and warm water;
– Apply gentle exfoliating scrub once a week to remove dry cells and oil from the pores and prevent their clogging. Oatmeal and curd work best against whiteheads.
– Apply clay mask once a week.
– Use peels which contain hydroxy acid (AHA and BHA peels) periodically to assist skin exfoliation and clean out the pores.
– Use only oil free facial products matching to your skin type.
– Maintain the skin well moisturized with the help of oil-free moisturizers because skin dryness may worsen pores clogging with dry cells.
– Drink more water and juice.
– Try eating fresh fruits and vegetables more often.
– Take glass of water with honey before breakfast every morning to detox your skin.
– Try not to touch the face too often.
– Use less make up to keep the pores unblocked.
– Try to avoid excessive sunbathing and always use sunscreen to protect affected areas.

If nothing helps to lessen the pores clogging and whiteheads appearance you should visit your dermatologist for further medical treatment.