Treatments to Remove Clogged Pores on Nose and Chin

Clogged pores problem insight

Majority of hard to remove skin conditions follow clogged pores (comedones) appearance. There are many treatments for getting rid of blocked pores from nose and chin.

Facial complexion is the most weather affected body skin. Often subjected to sun radiation, winds and cold it becomes susceptible to clogged pores, medically named comedones. Clogged pores often appear in so called T-zone that incorporates forehead, nose tip and chin. Comedones come in two types – blackheads and whiteheads. Untreated clogged pores can grow into serious problem.

Treatments to get rid of clogged pores

Let’s name some effective treatments for removing blocked pores on nose and chin.
Wash your face. Employ a mild cleanser like Cetaphil or a medicated regimen such as Proactive to get rid of clogged pores. Wash your face in the mornings and evenings.

Try baking soda wash. Blend 1/4 cup of baking soda with lukewarm water. Distribute obtained mass in a thin layer evenly on your face. Wait for 5 minutes and rinse it off with apple cider vinegar. Wash your face with warm water afterwards. Spread vitamin E oil on your face with a cotton ball and leave it for a night.

Employ lemon wash. Moisten cotton ball with few lemon juice drops and rub it across nose and chin. Allow complexion to dry and wash your face with cold water. Lemon juice is effective in getting rid of clogged pores. It encompasses natural antiseptics and has detoxifying properties. Lemon juice reduces skin oils, removes brown spots and peels skin.

Utilize thyme wash. Add 1 ½ glasses of boiling water to a bowl with 4 tbsp. of dried thyme. Steep the fusion for 30 minutes, filter it and put into the fridge in a glass bottle. Rinse your face with obtained blend twice a day.

Use alcohol pads. Swipe your face with an alcohol pad after daily wash. The alcohol helps to get rid of oil and unblocks clogged pores on chin and nose prventing acne formation.

Moisturize. Proper moisturizing facilitates in preventing acne breakouts and removing blocked pores. Choose the best combination of washing and moisturizing by yourself. Apply oil free moisturizers.

Steam. Hold your head covered with towel over water steam for 15 minutes. Dry your face then.

Drink water. Drink minimum 8 glasses of water every day. It facilitates complexion in elasticity maintenance increasing its healing properties and self-recovery.

Exfoliate. Apply alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid peels. Both acids tend to exfoliate preventing dead cells from accumulation and removing clogged pores on nose and chin. AHAs dissolve only in water while BHAs are oil soluble. Therefore, betas filter into blackheads and whiteheads and digest dead cells amassed inside.

Do facials. Facials are claimed to remove debris and make-up remains from pores. They imply safe and gentle clogged pores penetration followed by obstructions removal and complexion relaxation. Comedones squeezing or piercing should be performed only under supervision of certified cosmetologist. Don’t press comedones out with dirty fingernails.

Apply astringent. Dip cotton ball into astringent and swipe it over the nose and chin 2 times a day.

Undergo microdermabrasion. Procedure diminishes pore appearance by roughening the skin and removing dead cells that clog the pores. It excites collagen production that contributes to evener complexion.

Protect from sun. Sunlight ages complexion by desiccating it and depriving it of natural elasticity. This causes clogged pores and bacteria reproduction. Apply oil-free moisturizer with a high SPF before going out.

Skip Foundation. Substitute foundation with blemish control powder or a neutral blotting powder that conceal enlarged clogged pores on nose and chin. Foundation makes enlarged pores look bigger, so avoid applying it over problem areas.

Use parsley compress. Pour 8 oz. of boiling water into a large bowl with a bunch of fresh parsley in it. Let fusion brew till it cools. Filter the mixture and immerse cloth into it. Apply the cloth as a compress for 15 minutes. Repeat treatment daily.

Employ burdock root compress. Add 2 glasses of water to 2 handfuls of the dried burdock root. Boil received blend in the saucepan. Then simmer the fusion for 10 minutes. Steep a clean cloth in it and apply the cloth as a compress for 15 minutes or until its gets cold. Repeat procedure every day.

Named treatments have proved to successfully remove skin blemishes and get rid of clogged pores on nose and chin.

Getting Rid of Blackheads

What products can help to get rid of blackheads?

Blackheads are provoked by pores clogging. Their “blackish” color is caused by the oxidization between air and oil (sebum) in a plugged pore and the melanin pigment from the dead epithelium cells.
To remove blackheads one should treat their cause – superfluous sebum (oil) and dead epithelium cells. That’s why to get rid of blackheads it is better to use health-and-beauty aids containing only natural components with no astringent effect. Usage of the harsh products can lead to skin defatting which causes excessive sebum production and pores blocking. On the other hand, cleansing products based on natural oils like jojoba or coconut oil succeed in skin cleaning and don’t block the pores because of their similarity with human natural oils.

Exfoliants for blackheads removal

To remove blackheads one should also apply gentle exfoliating mask or scrub on a daily basis. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells which clog the pores. Exfoliating requires carefulness since it can aggravate the blackheads problem. Scrubs for blackheads removal usually contain salicylic acid. They penetrate into the pores and eliminate blackheads by cleaning them.

Containing in scrubs microbeads are extremely good at dead cells removal but still they can fail to eliminate some obstinate blackheads.

Deep cleansing pore strips

Deep cleansing pore strips such as Biore are claimed to be useful in blackheads removal. Wash your face gently and steam beforehand. It will open the pores and provide better sticking for cleansing strips. Take strips and apply them over areas affected by the blackheads. In 15 min. when stripes will dry out take them away from sides to center.

Getting rid of blackheads with BHA products

Take advantage of BHA peels and products containing salicylic acid which penetrate into the pore and exfoliate it from inside removing debris and normalizing oil flow. Due to their anti-inflammatory characteristics BHA products lessen the redness of skin flaws while their antibacterial qualities help to get rid of blackheads and prevent new breakouts.

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid) can perform as complimentary means but they are not so efficient in blackheads fighting as salicylic acid. They can’t penetrate the pores’ inner layer and work only on the skin surface.

Products to avoid

Thus, it is better to employ merely oil-free and noncomedogenic skin care products. To prevent or get rid of blackheads one should avoid beauty aids containing the following components: alcohol, lanolin, isopropyl mystate, sodium laureth sulphate, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens and mineral oil.

Necessary procedures

To get rid of the blackheads you should do the following procedures once or twice a week:
Dissolve a few drops of tea tree oil in container with boiling water and steam your face for approximately 5 minutes. This will open the pores and make your skin softer.
Apply clay mask to remove the oil from the clogged pore. Wait till mask components activate (takes from 10 min. to an hour). Wash it off with warm water and gently dry your skin.

Diet for blackheads removal

Healthy eating habits can help in getting rid of blackheads as well. Particular food choices can cut down oil secretion, increase skin moisture and help new epithelium cells to reproduce. Substitute cooked carbohydrates and fats for fresh fruits, vegetables and raw fats (avocadoes, olives, etc).

Make Up

Make sure your cosmetics don’t contain comedogenic ingredients and fats and won’t clog the pores. Avoid applying make-up on sweating face skin. Remove make-up remains with a cleanser every day. Your make up tools should be washed once a month with mild shampoo and dried in advance.

Extraction as Means of Whiteheads Removal

It is important to comprehend what whiteheads are before you start to remove or extract them. Generally, comedo stands for pore clogging. Whiteheads are not pimples though they are similar in appearance. Common acne medication doesn’t suit for their treatment.

Professional extracting experience

Cosmetologists are experienced in impeccable removal of whiteheads (closed comedones) and other acne forms. They employ special techniques and tools for whiteheads extraction, which guarantees minimum risk of skin infection emergence and scarring.

They will steam your face first in order to widen the blocked pores and to make your skin smoother, which helps to make cleansing more effective. Steaming fosters extraction of the comedones (both blackheads and whiteheads) and other spots.

Then they will prick the top of the whitehead with a sterilized needle and press on it gently to help the pus out. This is a standard procedure, often exploit by dermatologists and beauticians for whiteheads removal. It looks like the pimple has been popped but with a higher level of caution.

Comedone remover


A comedone remover can become the best commitment for whiteheads extraction. It is a tool made of stainless steel designed to enhance removal of the whitehead inflicting minimal damage to the skin. Comedone remover is simple in use. Typically, it is used either right after steaming the face with a hot washcloth or just after a hot bath. This facilitates whitehead material removal. When whitehead starts to come out through the upper layer of the skin one should press the sphere end of the comedone remover over the whitehead to release the mass closed inside the blocked pore. Then your face should undergo cleaning procedure once more to make sure that the pore is totally clean. It is better to use warm water for that.

Medicamentous whiteheads removal

If whiteheads extracting embarrass you it is better to apply special cream or gel for blackheads treating. Some blackheads medication can be of use as well due to the fact that such cure normally includes retinoid to slow down the whitehead formation.

The choice of medication depends on your skin type. Retinoid cream or moisturizing lotion can become a solution. You should consult dermatologist to make the right remedy choice and decide on removal options.
If you don’t accept home treatment visit your dermatologist. Some procedures of whiteheads removal especially concerning extraction of the closed comedones can be performed only by certified doctors.

Face Care Regimen to Get Rid of Whiteheads

Why face care regimen is necessary?

Whiteheads also known as closed comedones resemble small white bumps on the skin surface and occur when epithelium cells plug and close a hair follicle. Whiteheads are often confused with pimples due to similar appearance but former require more care while being removed. It is a bad idea to try to get rid of closed comedones by yourself at home. Whiteheads differ much from pimples and blackheads. Their squeezing can lead to skin damage and lasting reddish scars.

How regimen works?

However, strict skin care regimen performs as a good commitment for getting rid of whiteheads:

– Wash your face twice a day using suitable for your skin type skincare products. Employ facial cleanser containing salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids, which should help to unblock the pores.

– Accept skin exfoliating procedure as regimen routine. Apply peeling products twice or three times a week. Put exfoliator all over the face with gentle circular moves paying particular attention to the problem facial areas like forehead, nose and cheeks. Use calm exfoliator containing small microbeads to stimulate production of the new soft and healthy epithelium cells and unblock the pores.

– Moisturize your skin with moisturizer or hydrating cream. This suits for oily and mixed skin as well.

– Steam your face for a couple of minutes every day. This will provide deeper cleansing and debris removal. Steaming widens the blocked pores and makes skin smoother. This will facilitate removal of the the makeup remains, filth, oils (sebum) or other secretions and dead epithelium cells.

– Take advantage of a comedone remover (also comedone extractor). This instrument will help to get rid of comedones and other skin imperfections by eliminating black plugs made of mixed oils and bacteria. Use this tool right after steaming procedure to obtain clean and tender skin.

For those with moderate whiteheads amounts doing nothing can be the best solution since closed comedones often fade away by themselves in a couple of days.
Follow face care regimen and don’t try to get rid of whiteheads by yourself or to squeeze them out. It is better to consult a dermatologist or a beautician beforehand.