Hormonal Influence on Clogged Pores

Formation of comedones and clogged pores is greatly affected by hormonal factors. Hormones, especially androgens developing male traits, control oil secretion in sebaceous glands. Enlargement of oil glands can be the first sign of puberty foregoing acne appearance due to glands’ liability to adrogens.

Emotional factors also contribute to blocked pores development. Thus, stress is claimed to provoke blocked pores occurrence. This can be explained by excessive glucocorticoid production in the adrenal glands which intensifies the impact of androgens. Therefore, pregnancy can sometimes either exacerbate or treat comedones due to rendered hormonal changes.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and clogged pores

PCOS is frequently met among women. That’s why its therapy has been developed over the years. There are four major symptoms of PCOS: spots, testosterone-induced skin, excessive hair on face and body, thinning of the scalp hair. Named disorder can also result in irregular menses, bad metabolism and weight problems.

Female comedones may indicate on PCOS. If you possess some symptoms mentioned better test yourself for PCOS. But still you may suffer from comedones only.
Hormonal Testing

Hormonal testing is a brilliant idea for those who suffer from severe comedones. Competent physician expertise can be of great help in cases of rigorous non medicated acne followed by irregular menstruation, excess hair, or uncontrollable weight changes.

Hormonal therapy

Hormonal therapy diminishes androgens’ influence on the sebaceous glands. This prevents comedones from first breakouts and presents unsurpassed outcomes. Well organized hormonal treatment may heal all comedones even in difficult cases when other means have proved to be inefficient with clogged pores cure.