Lactic Acid against Clogged Pores

Treating cflogged pores with lactic acid

Clean blemish-free complexion with no clogged pores is everyone’s desire. To gain desired complexion, employ cleanser containing alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic or lactic acid. Not many people are lucky to have beautiful radiant skin. Clean skin means that superfluous oil residues don’t amass and the risk of blocked pores (comedones) is minimal.

Lactic acid is colorless alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It can be naturally obtained from fermented milk. Lactic acid is mild by action and perfectly suits for sensitive skin. Though, it is an extremely efficient exfoliant able to remove bleckheads and whiteheads clogged pores and improve complexion.

Being AHA, lactic acid is safe and can be considered natural. It has great peeling properties. Lactic acid peel helps to decrease acne manifestations and sometimes even prevent blocked pores (blackheads and whiteheads). You may employ lactic acid to treat scars as it breaks down the surface scar tissue. It is useful in treating acne marks and spots.

Human skin mantle contains lactic acid. It protects epidermis from bacteria and infection and maintains the balance of pH. Thus, you may utilize lactic acid even for sensitive and prone to allergy dermis.

Choosing the product

Many cosmetic products such as lotions, cleansers, peels contain lactic acid. They make use of its peeling, smoothening and moisturizing properties. These products are helpful within any skin care regimen due to ability of lactic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, boost cellular turnover, treat blocked pores and moisturize rejuvenating complexion.

Consult your dermatologist on lactic acid exfoliation to make sure it’s safe and worthy to try. You may benefit from home lactic treatment as well but keep in mind that improperly done procedures may harm your skin and cause even more clogged pores.