Scrub for Fighting Comedones and Clogged Pores

Mechanism of clogging

To comprehend how facial scrub can reduce clogged pores and comedones one should get an insight into the mechanism of blocked pores development.

Skin can produce extra natural oils that combine with dirt and dead cells, accumulate and provoke blackheads and whiteheads. Reproduction of natural bacteria on skin may lead to infection. This process triggers white blood cells production. Oils, dead epithelium cells, bacteria and white blood cells put together inevitably result in comedones and acne. You may avoid clogged pores appearance by employing some particular treatments.

Facial scrubs

Facial scrub is a perfect treatment for comedones and blocked pores. It is intended for frequent use. Scrub typically contains micro-beads and nurturing elements that cleanse, gently exfoliate and improve complexion. Continious usage helps to beat comedones.

Most common comedones – blackheads – are nothing else but combination of dirt, oils and dead flat cells accumulating in pores. Good facial scrub works by eliminating pore blockades and stimulating skin renewal. Try not to overdo scrubbing as it may damage your skin. Optimal procedure frequency is once a week.

Test scrub or peeling cream on your hand in advance. Give preference to scrubs that make use of very fine grains or particles. Avoid scrubs to encompass rough particles that scratch and irritate the skin. Use peels with caution once or twice a week to get rid of blocked pores. More frequent scrub application may lead to irritation, redness, crusting, etc.

Don’t scrub inflamed acne!

Scrub will do no good for inflamed covered with acne skin. Most people believe that scrub will help to cleanse out infected pores and lessen breakouts. In fact, vigorous scrubbing tends to exacerbate irritation and redness, worsen inflamed complexion and provoke even more comedones. If you suffer from acne, especially inflamed, avoid scrub application. Facial scrub contains small particles (i.e. ground nuts) that scratch acne blemishes and exacerbate the problem. Cut comedones need more time to heal and can carry pus to other face areas and infect them.

Though, acne affected skin should be peeled regularly. You may choose between product options that don’t involve abrasive, irritating components like facial scrubs. Among them are: retinoids (Retin A, Differin), salicylic and alpha hydroxy acids, mild chemical peels. Named products will remove dead epithelium cells, clear clogged pores and prevent comedones from forming even better than scrub could do.