Pore Strips to Remove Blackheads

What are pore strips?

Pore strips are your effective ally in strive against multiple blackheads while comedone extractor (remover) is helpful only in cases of single mature clogged pores and comedones. The appearance of used strips evidences their high efficiency.

Pore strips are means created for removing blocked pores, especially blackheads, on nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. One side of blackhead strip is covered with a film of glue. It binds accumulated debris, oils and sebum. When you remove dried out pore strip everything bound with glue (clogged pores content and blackheads) is removed as well.


Pore strips efficiency

Outcomes of pore strips application highly depend on your skin type and chosen manufacturer. Problematic skin and improper product can bring zero effect while good pore strips choice is claimed to cause removal of up to 80% of blackheads. In some cases this figure is even more impressive.

Pore strips are the best at comedones removing. Though, they can’t prevent repetitive appearance of blackheads. This should be handled with particular prevention measures: total hygiene, prescription and home blackhead treatments.

Application tips

One should not apply pore strips more often than once in 3 days. Recommended procedure frequency is once a week. Even though pore strips are simple in use, first application can go below expectations.

Application instruction:
– Clean areas affected with blocked pores and make sure you moisturized them properly;
– Soften your skin for better effect. You may get softer complexion by either putting wet and warm washcloth on your face or steaming or taking hot shower;
– Apply the strip over affected by blackheads area and smooth it thoroughly. Make sure there are no unglued spaces or air bubbles below the pore strip;
– Leave the strip till it totally dries. It usually takes 10-15 minutes;
– Take it off afterwards moving from sides to the middle of strip;
– Wash your face and apply disinfector;
– First application of pore stripes can be inefficient because of some mistakes you may make. The next procedure will have better results.


Unwanted effects

Normally, you will experience some undesirable effects after pore strips removal:
– Some glue can be left on the skin. Wash it away with water.
– Removal procedure can be painful. Be patient. Start from sides and process gradually to the middle.
– Skin might burn and ache after removing blackheads. It indicates that you have extremely sensitive skin. Stop using pore strips or be as careful as possible next time.
– Skin may itch after clogged pores cleansing. It is typical. Apply disinfector (e.g. benzoyl peroxide) and itchiness will vanish.

Follow listed recommendations to overcome your skin problems. Pore strips are the must in fight against clogged pores and blackheads.