How to Remove Whiteheads from Face?

Many people suffer from whiteheads and acne breakouts on face these days. Such blemishes are hard to remove but, still, there are some effective treatment options. Let’s find out more about acne and whiteheads.


Closed comedones or whiteheads are whitish papules that have 1-2 mm in diameter. They are most obvious when skin is being stretched. Whiteheads are hard to press out. They can easily inflame and provoke pustule and nodule formation.

How to remove whiteheads?

Whiteheads removal requires time and patience. However, there is one less time-consuming technique:

Professional extraction has long been assumed to be the best treatment for whiteheads removal. Professional will open your pores and press excess sebum out. Removal procedure is painful and several days are needed for recovery. Though, it is worth effort. Aftercare involves clay masks and peels. They will maintain pores clean and prevent whiteheads from forming. On the one hand, it is incredibly simple technique but, on the other, it is hard to sit through.

One more removal option is to dissolve comedones or make them dry and drop off the face. Skinoren and differin are perfect for this purpose. In this case acne removal will take about 3-6 months. Apply clay masks weekly or even more often and perform fruit peels (home or professional) containing glycolic acid for best results.

How to improve bumpy skin?

It is one of the most complicated issues in acne removal. Bumps appear when pores become clogged and cease to cleanse by themselves.

There are several ways to remove bumps from your face:

Do acne facial (extraction) either at home or at cosmetologist’s office. Take care of affected by whiteheads complexion:
– Avoid soap and other treatments that can potentially dry skin;
– Stick to common moisturizing body gel and wash your face with it. Those who have oily complexion cannot do without face wash.
– Buy small soft sponge to lather your face and remove wash remains. Non-rigid sponge helps to cleanse your face causing no damage. It removes clogged pores and whiteheads with higher efficiency than regular peels.
– Do fruit acid peels (home or professional with concentration up to 10%). They can be substituted with trivial clay of any color. Clay not only is an excellent sorbent but also is good at dissolving the upper skin layer. Perform masks 2 times a week during the first two weeks following peeling procedure. Then reduce procedure frequency to one time a week.

Listed measures are the must for individuals wishing to remove whiteheads and acne from their face. Condition may aggravate without proper care.

It is believed that anti-acne medication taken once can help to remove acne forever but it isn’t quite right. Oily skin is not a disease, it is skin roughness caused by poor skin care which stems from not knowing what to do and how to help dermis.

Employ abovementioned advice to remove whiteheads and acne blackheads from your face once and forever and remember that proper care is a skin health pledge!