How to reduce enlarged pores

Enlarged pores are frequently met problem among women of all ages. Those who have oily or combined skin are particularly susceptible. Enlarged pores not only have bad looks but also contribute to bacteria production, which leads to clogged pores and acne breakouts. T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) is most likely to suffer.

You can’t change your skin type but you still can address the issue of enlarged pores with the help of temporary solutions and proper care.

Causes of enlarged pores

Pores perform as peculiar channels promoting sebum to the skin surface. The size of the pore is subjected to the amount of produced sebum. The more sebum is secreted the larger pores are.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain clean skin. Factors contributing to dirty pores are as follows:
– Endocrine glands dysfunction;
Hormonal imbalance;
– Stress;
– Medications;
– Weak immune system;
– Decorative cosmetics overuse.


There are some effective treatments to tighten enlarged pores. Among them are:

1. Skin peel. Superficial and medium peels not only cleanse your skin but also narrow your pores. Chemical peel plays as a great solution. Glycolic peel is the most popular due to its ability to narrow enlarged pores by dissolving top skin layer. Soft enzyme peels are of use here too.

2. Reliable treatments. Cosmetic clay is one of the most common treatments. It absorbs skin oil, tightens pores, tones and has antibacterial properties. Clay masks are extremely effective. Good solutions are lemon juice and rose water. Wipe your skin with one of them daily to reduce inflammation, normalize the work of oily glands and tighten the pores.

3. Cosmetics. Two types of cosmetics can be used in cases of enlarged pores. First type tightens pores, while second type just conceals imperfections. Tightening cosmetics contains both antimicrobial components and tightening ingredients such as ginger, seaweed and cinnamon. Good idea is to employ toner that includes lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids, zinc, copper or gammamelis. Concealing cosmetics contains silicon that covers your skin with invisible film and makes it look evener.

Sense of proportion

Though, don’t let your desire for clean even skin to transform into obsession. Complexion can’t be absolutely smooth. Porcelain faces of celebrities on the covers of the magazines are nothing but impeccable work of photodesigner.