How to Extract a Whitehead at Home

There are few options for whitehead extraction at home. Whiteheads or open comedones frequently forming in the clogged hair follicles can be pressed out after particular home procedures. Some necessary precaution should be considered

What is whitehead?

Acne provoked by pore blocking is medically known as comedones. There are open comedones named whiteheads and closed comedones named blackheads. Both tend to appear when dead epithelium cells clog the hair follicle while oil glands carry on sebum secretion. Oil produced in such circumstances doesn’t leave the gland due to the blocked follicle and amasses inside the pore, which may give rise to inflammation processes provoked by acne bacteria. Clogged sebaceous glands’ ducts create conditions appropriate for fast bacteria reproduction.

Means for whitehead extraction:

Clean your face and steam it for a couple of minutes before extracting a whitehead, use antibacterial lotion afterwards for desinfection. After pores have been prepared and open comedo has softened pierce it with a sterilized needle. Then squeeze it out carefully with two fingers pressing gently on both sides of a whitehead.

One more option for whiteheads extraction is to dilute grated baby soap with table salt. Gently chafe this mix onto areas affected by whiteheads with soft moistened face brush. Rinse it off after a few repeats. Press out the whitehead next. Try to avoid using your fingernails while extracting. Keep away from squeezing your skin too much since it may lead to lasting scars and veins break.

Mentioned extraction options should free you from blocked pores and provide successful noninvasive home treatment for whiteheads.

In complicated comedonal acne cases it is better to turn to a specialist for professional whitehead extraction instead of home curing.