Facial Cleanser and Clogged Pores

To get rid of annoying clogged pores and comedones one should perform deep cleansing with a special product called cleanser. First of all let’s find out what are comedones or blocked pores.

How do comedones form?

Renewal processes constantly occur in epidermis. Old cells peel off as soon as new ones form. Flat epithelium cells often mix with sebum and develop clogged pores.

Closed clogged pores are called whiteheads or closed comedones. Open blocked pores darken due to exposure to the oxygen. They are called blackheads or open comedones.

How to remove clogged pores?

Clogged pores’ cleansing takes time. Several treatments may be needed for achieving the subtlest results. When skin becomes properly hydrated pores start to properly perform their exfoliating function. To facilitate clogged pores removal, hydrate your skin, exfoliate and do deep pore cleansing.

What is cleanser and how to use it?


Cleansing procedure requires appropriate facial cleanser. Cleanser is a skin care product designed for removing make-up remains, dead cells, sebum, dirt and other debris. It is assumed to be better than bar soap for debris removing. Facial cleanser should be used twice a day to prevent blocked pores. Apply cleanser in the morning and before going to sleep to ensure that your complexion is free of cosmetics remains, debris and sweat that can provoke comedones.

Clogged pores are likely to occur on poorly cleansed skin. All debris should be removed to prevent pores from blocking. Using cleansers is not enough for comedones removal. Remains of cleansers should be eliminated as well. Wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol-free toner or skin conditioning hydrosols after deep cleansing procedure. Avoid rubbing. Just go on with fresh cotton pads till they are left clean.

How to choose appropriate cleanser?

Cleansers are widely available and you may choose suitable product with no problem. Avoid harsh and abrasive facial cleansers while treating comedones. Your skin is already irritated and such products can make things worse. Utilize mild cream or gel-based cleansers. You may even employ gentle scrub if you don’t have severe acne breakouts.

A good idea is to utilize non comedogenic oils (castor, olive or jojoba oil) for clogged pores cleansing. Such oils won’t lead to blocked pores.

Choose cleansers designed particularly for people who have prone to clogged pores complexion. They normally contain benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids or salicylic acid, which are good at comedones elimination. It is believed that such cleansers are the most successful complement to prescription medications for acne and blocked pores. Still, deep cleansing is considered to be an efficient procedure for clogged pores and comedones treatment.