Diet for Clogged Pores Fighting

Why diet?

Among the numerous factors to cause comedones appearance diet performs as the major one. Thus, turning to healthy and nutritious diet can help in clogged pores fighting.

Advanced ration should involve eating a great deal of vegetables, fruits, pulses and other products to entail antioxidants which are known to remove the toxins stored in the body.

Water against clogged pores

Drinking plenty of water is also helpful in comedones overcoming. Take minimum 8 glasses of liquids (i.e., water or juice) to wash the harmful elements away from the body. Water load diet has stimulating action upon kidneys and skin – vital organs in wastes and toxins removal. Since kidneys lead most of wastes out with urine you are unlikely to experience such skin conditions as spots and comedones.

Vitamins to fight blocked pores

Taking vitamins A, C, E, B6 is also helpful in comedones curing. Particularly Vitamin A is known to maintain wholesome skin and prevent clogged pores. Your organism can obtain it from consumed beta carotene. Apricots, carrots, mangoes, spinach and some other fruits saturated with green or orange pigment are rich in beta carotene. It may be found in liver and eggs as well. Vitamin E is extremely good at skin repair.
Include fish and cod liver oil into your diet as it encompasses omega 3 fatty acids to eliminate toxins and other wastes from your body. Polyunsaturated fats are known to regulate blemishes occurrence. Receive them with nuts, seeds and fish oils.

Comedogenic products to avoid

Keep in mind that frequent milk and glycemic products consumption can lead to comedones intensification.

You should avoid following products to prevent clogged pores from forming:

1) Exclude snacks to contain refined sugar from your diet. Give preferences to fresh and dried fruits, hot milk, dates, nuts and other healthy products instead.

2) Eating bare raw vegetables for lunch is not the best idea. It doesn’t contribute to balanced diet.

3) Try to consume less carbonated drinks and caffeine.

4) Eliminate cold foods that have negative impact on metabolism from your ration.

5) Junk food rich in fats and sugars to cause comedones also should be avoided. One eating junk foods doen’t get many essential minerals and vitamins, especially Zinc which controls blocked pores appearance.

To get more Zinc you should include more lean meat and chicken without skin, shellfish, nuts and seeds to your diet.

These diet alterations have been proven to succeed in comedones removal and clogged pores prevention.