Benzoyl Peroxide for Clogged Pores Treatment

Benzoyl peroxide is a success at clogged pores and comedones removal and prevention. It is present in almost all medications designed for eliminating blocked pores.

Benzoyl peroxide is often used for treating blackheads and whiteheads. Most widely available anti-comedo products such as Clearasil and ProActiv contain benzoyl peroxide. Although it was one of the first elements to be evidenced to treat blocked pores, benzoyl peroxide is still widely recognized as effective anti-comedo means.

Most over the counter products and strong prescription medications to remove comedones contain benzoyl peroxide. It is claimed to be number one treatment for comedonal acne and other acne forms acne elimination. Low concentrated cleansers, gels and lotions and strong benzoyl peroxide creams work similarly.

Benzoyl peroxide in action

Clogged pores are the pores blocked with dead epithelium cells and debris. When bacteria gets into such pore and triggers inflammation process, clogged pore transforms into acne. These bacteria are called Propionibacteria acnes, or P. acnes. P. acnes are anaerobic, they can’t stand oxygen. Benzoyl peroxide promotes oxygen into the pore and kills bacteria. When there are less bacteria, less breakouts occur.

Benzoyl peroxide cleanses pores from flat dead cells and debris, which reduces the possibility of comedones and clogged pores occurrence. Thus, benzoyl peroxide performs as preventive medication for comedonal acne.

Application instructions

Benzoyl peroxide can treat blocked pores, comedones and acne of different severity. It is recommended to begin with lotion or gel of 2.5% concentration. Higher concentrations can cause irritation. Proceed with stronger benzoyl peroxide products after your skin has got used to milder ones but didn’t show dramatic results.

Popular practice involves application of a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide lotion over clean dried skin. This procedure may be performed once or twice a day. Lotion should be put on all acne affected areas to remove and prevent the condition. Avoid it for treating spots.

Side effects

Benzoyl peroxide application often causes slight dryness and peeling. Oil-free moisturizing lotion may help to get over these side effects. Though, excessive dryness and flaking, soreness and burning are possible as well.

Skin as a rule becomes resistant to dryness and flaking as benzoyl application consequences within a week. Swelling, burning, excessive flaking and itching are rarely met. Skin sensible to benzoyl peroxide needs gradual treatment introduction. Start with low concentrated products. After skin gets used employ products with higher concentrations to reach more success at removing clogged pores and comedonal acne.

If you have discovered active reaction on benzoyl peroxide treatment but want to get rid of blocked pores and comedones, use lower concentrated products or lessen a number of procedures.